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A serious, adult question...mature adults should I tell my girlfriend?
Well, first of all, thanks a lot for all the help on my last question. If you still want to answer it, feel free to.
Well, here's the question:

Before sex, my girlfriend tries to turn me on a lot. So she takes off her clothes and dances for me. It's a very nice gesture, except when she shakes her butt in front of me. She is very fat down there. Not round, but just really fat. Her rear also has a lot of hair. I know that could be taken care of, but she gets offended if I bring it up. Her butt turns me off all the time. Then she has the gall to ask me if I' know! But I'm not, and this girl is very nice but I'm constantly turned off, and it's hurting our relationship.

What shoud I do? (Pics will be included, if it helps)
Oh my God, first possessive, now ugly? Doesn't exactly spell out package deal, does it?

Please, oh please, don't post pictures of this cow, and ditch her immediately.
Mature answers please...?
Hi. Okay my question is about porn. :P Eww right? No guyding. But look...all my life I have basically been hidden from how the world really is (we're religious). my first year of high school I didn't know what ejaculate or jacking off meant. I was like Boy What Are You Talking About?? It was embarrassing to not know what I should've known by then.

My parents would forbid be to meantion anything about sex so I was basically a little guy all my teenage life.

This is my last year as a teenager and I'm sick of not knowing. I'm not watching porn, but I'm exploring my sexuality. I'm straight aight but I mean I want to know things about sex. And for some reason a majority of the web is nothing but porn and porn pics.

Am I wrong to explore this without my parent's consent? I plan to move on campus so I will finally be free of them but I kinda feel badly for looking...I noticed that pleasuring myself feels a ton more pleasurable looking at it. Obviously. But I still feel guilty. Is this alright?
Do not ever feel guilty about anything that is connected to your sexuality. It's a great thing, and this is one of the reasons why we are human, cause we do not make love only once a year
First of all remember: make sure he wears a condom.
I think the most important thing I have learned, is that it is not at all important whether you are experienced or not, and you do not have to know much about sex to be a great lover (watching porn will not teach you much). It is all about how passionate and sensitive you are towards your lover, that will teach you all you will need to know (watching erotica might be educational)
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Ok i really need help ASAP fast ?
ok so i saw this deal that i might take is it worth it 2 ball pythons both are 5 months old one female and the other male ( once they rach mature stae i could breed them then sell the eggs ) , oone of those terra cages in great condtion , and all the suplie that i would need i saw the pics and the tank looks really good and the snakes look good to plus he is adding about 1 to 2 months of free food all for 250 canadain is that worth it

ps both snakes would cost me 200 dollars alone if i would get them from a pet store and on top of that thiers a chance im might get the same sex so i wont be able to breed them and the tank with the stuff is vailed at 140 dollars plus the food 20 dollars al in all ill be saving 110 dollars is that a good deal
The first thing to ask yourself is "why the hurry, and great deal?"

If it's an owner who is bored; can't feed them; is moving to different snakes; or has to move... that's a good opportunity.

The second thing to worry about is are the snakes two siblings? Breeding a parent back to a guy is called line breeding, and how colors, etc. are set, but - breeding a sibling to a sibling results in animals which have MANY problems/abnormalities, and some don't show until those babies are adults, or even in their babies.

If you are willing to take the risk (and the savings should make this possible) buy the animals contingent on them being healthy (and a full return/refund if they are not - get it in WRITING), and have them vet checked. If the seller can't prove they are not related - I wouldn't breed them.

Next topic - breeding. If it was that easy to breed snakes - the world would be over-run with domestic hatched babies. You can't buy them for the sole purpose of breeding. They may never produce. So, if you can't breed them, and they just sit there and need cleaning and feeding? Is your excitement the same? Do you still want them? Or will you further their stress, and pass them off onto the next owner?

If you are interested in increasing your collection with the two snakes as individuals - then go for it (precautions mentioned). If you are only excited at the aspect of breeding? Research some more, and rethink it all. It is not a good idea to base obtaining an animal on its 'breedability" or potential sales of young, or even a proven breeding history.

To quote an old adage: "don't count your chickens before they are hatched."

Never buy any animal on a whim. There should be no pressure from the seller, and no rush. Think all the possibilities through, and keep the quality of life for the PET in mind, as well.

Why do you want these snakes? Cause they might breed? Cause you might save a buck? These are NOT good reasons to buy a snake.

If you don't want two more snakes - don't buy them.

Good luck, and I hope this has been helpful.

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