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Why do men shave their pubic hair, do men think it adds an inch or do women think this is sexier?
Why do men now days shave their pubic hair bald down there, seems like it would get itchy?I know a lot of younger women do this but when men do shave it doesn't seem macho it seems feminine.
I am not a fan of shaving that area, now trimming and neatness are great. I personally don't think its healthy..because the hair keeps germs out of that area. And yes, when it starts to grow back, you may get bumps, rash, itching, etc. But this is a subject of personal preference, so whatever "floats your boat", and I would agree that it sort of doesnt seem very masculine, but again, upto the individual.
Why do some men shave their pubic hair?
Howcome some men shave their pubic hair, and don't like hair at all?
.Perhaps they realize women don't like hair in our mouths any more than they's also cleaner looking and more sensitive when there's no hair buffer.

Why is it a problem for you? You are not required to shave...what others do is their biz. I prefer a guy to shave personally, but it's up to him ultimately.
What's wrong with shaving pubic hair if men shave their faces?
People think that shaving body hair is gay. Why is this? Men shave their faces to look more like women! I feel much cleaner bare.
There is nothing wrong in that decision but it does have more drawbacks then it does advantages. Most of us prefer to trim things up, more like a haircut then a shave. Unchecked the hair down there can grown way to long and get in the way or yes, look unsightly to those who are privileged enough to view. In my many years I have made some discoveries. I will impart them to you.

First of all a mans pubic region is not the gentle little thin wisp of hair or muff like the ladies. Its usually coarse, in every crack, crevice and is plentiful. Shaving leaves an incredible stubble that can irritate everything causing some serious and debilitating rashes. Men's hair when shaved down there leaves a sharp angled edge that allows it to burrow back into the skin causing painful shaving bumps. Yes, women have this but men have thick hair which can go deep. Give the fact the hair in most men is extremely curved the chances of going back on itself is greater. It is painful.

The hair in that region serves four purposes that come to mind. The first is sweat and wicking functions. Men sweat more and the moisture is absorbed by the hair, drawn away from the skin where it is allow to evaporate or to be drawn into the underwear away from the skin. This discourages the buildup of sweat and bacteria. Or as us Americans say "Funk". Jock itch is avoided. Believe me, and I speak from experience, the slimy funky, smelly gunk that accumulates because it has no wear to go in deed is foul.

The hair in this area also serves as a lubricant, sort of a bearing, much like ball bearings (no pun intended), roller bearings or Babbitt bearings. That is to say the moving parts are allowed to glide smoothly over each other with the hair in place. Again, the hair is the vital padding between the skin and whatever. Remove this and the skin is allowed to rub together. Or rub against tight clothing. Given the fact the hair is by now filled with stubble this can be troublesome.

The hair in this area serves as a cooling mechanism for the vital parts. Air is allowed to circulate in and around the strands of curly hair which creates chambers and a way for the heat to dissipate away from the skin. Mixed with moisture it is very effective. Without the hair, heat builds up creating slimy sweating musk. Bacteria moves in an walla you stink.

Hair traps helpful bacteria which protects this area for of course the harmful. Without the hair, harmful bacteria can multiply and move into every scratch, nick, rash and crack in the skin. If you are not circumcised then again, there is no protection - bacteria forms in greater numbers, then moves underneath the foreskin feasting on and creating that most pleasant of substances know as well smeg.

Men give off an odor that is pleasant to women, should they be in the right frame of mind. That is to say a freshly showered man given a few hours develops a musk or odor that is pleasant and alluring to the right female. The odor is so subtle it is hardly noticeable yet registers in the minds of women. Not all women find your musk alluring but some do. The pubic hair captures this musk and holds it much like a sachet. In some cases women are drawn to it wanting a little more intimacy, putting there noses right to it ..........and enough said on that.

Shaving is not a good idea. Do yourself a favor and purchase a beard trimmer and trim things up. You can go rather short and give the appearance of a youthfulset of testicles, make things appear a little longer and alluring without shaving it.

Many of the same things I have mentioned above are appropriate for women also, but most women have less hair and can get away with it. They also, spend way much more time in the bathroom then men. All that requires maintenance. I don't know about out you, but I work for a living and paying all that time for the creation and maintenance of a shave pubic region is just not practical.

Sorry women, you need to let you man be a man.
Hello i have a question what percentage of men shave their pubic hair nowadays?
i am 20 years old and i am wondering what percentage of men actually shave their pubic areas.

not actually wanting to do it just wondering
1 per 3000
How do most men shave their pubic hair?
Do most men who groom their pubes just trim the hairs ABOVE the penis, or shave the hairs above the penis?
being that i am a girl. most of us find it more attractive with it completley shaven or cleanly shaved. untrimmed "down there hair" is very unnattractive and uncomfortable.
Why dont men shave armpits and pubic hair?
i shave my armpits and my pubic region. people say that it is unmanly and that hair grows in those places for a reason. using that, i can say that hair grows in those places in women too, but they shave it, dont they.

it is hygienic to shave pubic and armpit hair, and shaving pubic hair can also save you from an infection after sex.
Girls don't normally go down on a guy's armpit, so the premium for shaving one's armpits is different.

But nobody likes going down on pubes.
How many gay men shave there pubic area bald?
Do gay men like a bald penis or a trimmed penis? Would you turn a guy down if he had a bald penis?
It is all about personal attraction. Everyone differs - hence the fact that different people are attracted to different people!

Personally I am not attracted to shaved genital areas. I prefer it to be natural but I wouldn't turn a guy down if he had shaved his pubic area. Partly because I would never have sex with anyone I was not in a relationship with and in love with.. and by that stage it wouldn't matter either way.
Why should men shave their pubic hair?
I am 21 and have thick pubic hair. I don't see what is wrong with it but people make fun of me. Its your natural body? Why should I shave?
Got keep it trim dude. It feels better when your going at, bit less friction. My lady likes it trimmed up and I sure as hell don't want her looking like 1975. I can't demand that she keeps groomed while I do not. Plus it gives the illusion of having a bigger Johnson. HA HA
Do more women shave their pubic hair than men?
I have been shaving my pubic hair for about ten years now along with many other parts of my body, but as long as I have been shaved I haven't seen many other men who shave down there also. The only ones that have are those men who have noticed mine and I talked them into shaving. What is the general scene in the women's locker room? Is seeing women with a shaved crotch more common?
I do. I love the feeling it gives me.
Do ladies want ther men to shave their pubic hair too?
I know that most of the ladies shave their pubic hair & a very few men do so. So I wanna know do ladies like those men more who shave their pubic hair too? I know some ladies have their pubic hair in different patterns, so could you ladies please tell me what is your favorite pattern or you just shave it completly?
You've been misinformed. Most ladies don't shave down there. That is a relatively new fad, and it's almost certainly porn-driven.

No, I would not want a man to shave his pubic hair, or his leg hair, or his chest or back hair. Stubble is hard enough to deal with on his FACE. Leave everything else alone.

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