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Why are my panties always so moist?
I haven't been sexually active lately and I'm STD free, yet my panties are always so moist, even to the point of the moistness running down my thigh. This typically occurs most often when I'm reading the Bible or in church. Is Jesus making my panties so moist? I do admit to loving Jesus, and I'm just completely lost on what else could be causing this wetness.
Perhaps you're really the Nookie Monster...
Have you ever baked a pound-cake that made both panties moist and angels cry?
Yes, I am the Master.
you have stiff competition with me and Mr. Entenmann's. Just sayin ...
Why is not wearing panties or underwear considered nasty (by some)?
Personally I dislike wearing panties unless it is that time of the month. Panties always end up in my butt (wedgie) and the crotch area tends to become moist by the end of the day. Of course I have good hygiene. I shower, I wipe using water and paper after using the toilet, etc. I just don't like to wear panties unless I have to.
I am guessing you are female and it is other women who find this gross? All women have discharge, there is no way denying it, it is fact. There is also the issue of perspiration (which you admit that you have) and with that comes odor. So you are basically getting your discharge, your perspiration and your odor all over your clothing. THAT is gross to think about. Put some panties on.
Why I feel moist down there after?
I had intercourse sat, and my panties have been feeling moist lately even up to today.. What could it be? My partner was larger then what I normally have, could that be it? and I did use protection.. I feel soo moist down there to the point it's getting on my nerves.. What could it be and how can it go back to normal?
The vagina is self-cleaning. It may take a few day for your body to try to elliminate anything in your vagina - excess lube, arousal, spermicide (if the condoms had any on them). It's normal.
[Mature Topic] Women, what do you do when you are aroused, (moist) in public?
When a man is aroused, he erects. Once he calms, his errection softens. However, when a woman is aroused she wets. Even when she calms, her panties must still be moist. So, what do you do if you're moist in public? Do you just ignore the moister until it dries? Do you go to a bathroom and pad it down? Does it feel uncomfortable?
Women are not turned on by sight like men are. We are not as easily aroused as men. We get wet during extreme arousal, in preparation for sex. We don't check out groins or have a need to grab, etc.....but whisper in our ear (depending upon what is said) that would be more erotic to a woman. Nice cologne on a man is more erotic to a woman.....I really like Black, by Kenneth Cole. Don't get me wrong, visuals can be erotic and cause arousal, but it goes away much quicker, bad breath is a definite romance killer. For instance, a woman may be turned on by a movie....the phone rings, a guy cries, etc. and that's the end of that thought, simple as that. Once we have had sex, then we are wet and uncomfortable. We like to clean up asap. I personally would put the wet panties in my pocket and wear none at all until I could shower and change.
Does your partner leave panties in diffrent places just for your enjoyment?
Shortly after getting intimate I would go down on her while she was still in her panties and I would enjoy the fresh scent on her panties. Not once did she ever feel it was weired but actually enjoyed seeing me with them.
Now that we are married she will try to make "Happy Panties" for me and seal them in a zip lock baggies leaving the for me to find in different places. Sometimes she'll include a photo of her wearing the panties. I love when I find them and take them out of the bag and enjoy the sometimes still moist panties.
Are there anyone else who has a partner willing to do this for them. What do they do for you?
i do this for my boyfriend. i leave my (used) panties where i know he'll find them (desk drawers, next to pillow, in coat pocket) and he loves it. we even use my panties to start other erotic encounters..
How moist are most liberals today after the Holder news he will prosecute CIA heroes?
You can almost hear the tingling noise coming from their panties.
it is absolutely sloppy.
What can you make from the following ingredients?
2 cute kittens...
Barack Obama...
1 dinosaur egg...
1 cup jabberwocky milk...
1 teaspoon unicorn tears...
a pinch of the laughter of small guyren...
3 moist panties...
A cocktail for HAWK

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