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Hi Im 19 i had my period for 4 hours on the first havent had it since took a pee test and it cam out nagative?
I have had sex recently.
YAY FOR YOU! i bet it was fun...well, it might be because of the sex thing. That happens to me a lot too.
If i *** and then i pee and then an hour later i penetrate without cumming can she still get pregnant?
i was having foreplay with my gf and i came and after i cam a couple of minutes later i peed and then like an hour later i peed can she still get pregant ... i did it without a condom
Yea. Your body will produce sperm 24/7. Whether you pee or not it is still there. Most guys can't feel "pre ***" so she could get pregnant.
What's the most humiliating things you have made an adult web cam girl do?
I find the poorest ones and get them to pee in their pants/jeans in front of me.
bang bang bang..!
My period ended the 14th, i had sex that day and it is now the 16th, I peed and a little bit of dark blood cam?
out? what does that mean?
Dark blood is " old" blood. It's probably just a little blood left over from your period.

Good luck!
I'm four days late and getting a negative result when i pee on a stick!?
so im four days late but i've gotten two negative pregnancy tests. how soon can you test and get an accurate result? i'm very regular so it is very strange for me to be late. also about two weeks after my last period i had like 4 days of really light bleeding/spotting could that have been my period and it cam early?
Test in a week as you may not have enough hcg hormone in your urine. If you still get a negative go to your doctor and get a blood test and have a chat with him. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you. X
How do i know im pregnant? i didnt have my period for a month then the next month it cam a week early.?
when it was a week early it was spotty at first then normal and was shorter then normal.its not time yet for my next period but i have nausea but nothing bad...little cravings headaches and ive been really tired. ive also been really tired and i have to pee alot lately. so i dont know if i should worry or not.
sounds pregnant
How cam you tell if a 90 hp force boat motor is discharging water?
also where does the stream come out cant tell if mine is peeing or not
it will shoot out above the impeller. There should be holes that are shooting out water. If there is nothing coming out its time to pull the spider out and replace it. dont keep running it that way.
Puppy was doing so well with potty training but seems to have lapsed?
Our puppy that is 4 mths old has been doing super well with potty training she has been consistently going outside (no accidents at all inside) for about a month now. BUT Today while we were out she got out of her pen and got into our room. She has just been let out about 1 hour prior to her escape. BUT we cam back to find her in our bedroom and she had peed and pooped on our bed!!! I know that we cannot discipline her at all since we did not catch her in the act of peeing or pooping BUT what can we do to prevent this because we find that the minute we give her any freedom aside from her pen, she will pee and poop. Does anyone have any ideas as to what are good ways to either prevent or ways to train her when she has more freedom? THanks!
Keep her in her pen, and make sure she can't get out. That's what happened, she got out and had to go potty, couldn't get outside, so did the next best thing and went on the bed. Just make sure her pen is secure and that she can't get out of it while you are gone. I'm sure she will get back into her routine very soon. She sound like a real nice pup.

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