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If a teen with downs syndrome is blown up by remote control killing 91, who gets the reward of 79 virgins?
Does the person who pushed the trigger get the 79 virgins?

Does the unaware teen with downs get any reward? maybe studs?

Do any of the 91 victims get rewards as they are also Muslim?

You know the whole virgin thing is nothing but a myth. The simple fact is, the terrorists will suffer the wrath of God, and the innocent will get their reward.
Which of these young teen sensations do you think are Virgins?
Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez. Miley Cyrus, or the Jonas Brothers? Personally I think the purity rings are a hoax from Disney and how can the Jonas Bros keep it in their pants when their hormones are raging at their age. I think that Miley is definitely not a virgin though.
None of them are virgins, they make way too much money and have way too much free time. Im sure theyve had there share of bed romps.

And yeah Disny just wants to make them seem innocent to benefit there image, but most there stars are such whores anyway.
Is it ok for teen boys to be virgins?
Can girls tell if you are a virgin or not? Or will most girls just dump you for someone more experienced? How old is too old to be a virgin?
I can't always tell when a guy is a virgin or not but I prefer guys who are virgins. You are never too old to be a virgin. Everyone is ready at their own times.
Teen Boys: How many of you actually want to stay virgins until marriage?
I personally don't have a preference as to waiting until before or after marriage (I'm a girl). But, It seems like all the guys at my school will jump on the opportunity to have sex, at anytime.
Haaahaha, I don't know about that 90% by 16 statistic popped out by the other user.

My boyfriend didn't want to when I started dating him. But his love and respect gre for me, and I shared my good reasons for waiting with him, so he decided for himself that he didn't want to either. I have proof of this because we broke up for a long time in high school, and he dated this other girl for a while. He wouldn't have sex with her, and that upset her. We've been back together for awhile now, still virgins, and we will be until we're married. He's 19.
Teen virgins girls help?
Teen virgin girls. What size penis do you prefer length and girth wise? Please I'm really self consious. Would a 5 1/2 inch long. 4 inch girth satisfy you?
A virgin doesn't have a preference, because it's not anything she is going to be dealing with.
Why is teen marriage looked down on now when it used to be common?
Don't freak out, I'm not planning a shotgun wedding. But if there are two teen virgins who can support themselves and have faith in God, why has it become...um...*insert a nicer time for "slu**y here.*

Heck, Virgin Mary was married in her teens.

Is it just because times have changed? Is it that simple?
Because it generally has a higher failure rate.
Teenagers are C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N!
Teen girls isint it good if all of you are virgins?
I just saw the question "How important is your virginity" And I just want to say to you girls like "Taxi Siren Symphony" that i am proud of you, i mean as fast as girls are getting pregnant it is good to wait till you are married. Thats why when I have a daughter im going to make sure she waits until she is married.

as for the boy, hell that will never happend. But its good that girls wait till they are married

this is more like it, staten island ferry. getting back to your trolling roots. i'm proud of you. :')
Why is it so bad to be a teen virgin now a days?
Ok so lately, people have been mocking/ thinkign its weird for me to be a virgin, all my age. I'm the kind of person who goes on with my life and doesn't care about what people say. I stick to my morals, and my religious teachings. These are my beliefs and i dont force them on others. But why do teens think its so taboo to have sex at this age.
Well, lots of people have sex before they are 18 or 21 or whatever. Not a big deal. You will get some, don't worry.

Honestly, I am religious, but how I see it is, if you truly care and love the person that you are with, I believe sex before marriage is OK. Just use a condom. Sex is one of the best things you can do for another, shows your love <3.

Why do people like to believe all of their teen idols are innocent , sweet ,virgins?
Most likely , there is one out of the bunch that isn't. So who is it ?

Miley Cyrus
Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift/Lautner
Jonas Brothers
Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato
Big time rush
Miranda cosgrove
Victoria Justice
they are stupid, they forget that they are REAL people

taylor lautner is definately not a virgin, hes got women begging him to have sex with them
Teen virgins. do you think your better than other non-virgin teens?
be honest
If they want to do that, it isn't of my concern. Just like they could care less if I'm a virgin or not.

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